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Leadership in video games

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

My article “Leadership in Multiplayer Onling Gaming Environments” with Ugur Kaplancali and Ron Riggio has finally been accepted for publication in Simulation & Gaming.  Huzzah!  I’ll update the link when the article is actually available.  Next up in research-land will be the decisions on my SIOP poster submissions, which I should get in a week or two.

In other news, in June I accepted an internship at PepsiCo on the enterprise organization and management development team.  It’s a great team and interesting work and I’m having a blast!

SIOP 2010 Poster Presentation

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

SIOP was a fun adventure as usual!  I did not get to attend nearly as many sessions as I had hoped, but I was interviewing for some exciting positions so I had an excuse.  I received a lot of positive feedback regarding my poster, Mandatory Items in an Internet Survey, which demonstrates that high completion rates are possible in survey using mandatory items (with caveats, of course).  If you would like to read about it for yourself, please do so!

Data Teaser

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

April will be a busy and exciting month, full of conferences and airports!  The latest EVE data has been analyzed (teaser: players self-reported far more transactional leadership behavior within the game than transformational leadership behavior) and I’ll present/co-present findings from a few more studies at SIOP and WPA.  I expect to post summaries by the end of the April.